Research capability

Exploitation of fossil fuel resources such as natural gas requires a balance to be struck between:

  • Optimised recovery and stewardship of these state-owned scarce, non-renewable resources through the application of geoscience and petroleum engineering expertise.
  • Implications of such exploitation on society and the economy (such as social changes, housing, costs and jobs).
  • Implications for the wider environment (such as land use and water impacts or emissions to the atmosphere.

The Centre's capability across these areas is driven by in-house expertise as well as research partners from across the University of Queensland and other institutions.

The research program is managed by four professorial research chairs who cover the areas of Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, Water, and Social Performance.

Research projects

The Centre has a portfolio of 27 research projects with total allocated funds of $10.9 million.

Geoscience projects:

Petroleum Engineering projects

Water projects:

Social performance projects:

The centre has also initiated scoping studies in the areas of biodiversity, indigenous land use agreements, public health and agriculture. These studies identify key issues, evaluate the extent of existing research and discuss priority research needs.

At the end of 2014, the Centre held a research review showcasing the breadth of research projects currently underway. This poster book is a compilation of the scientific posters displayed at this event.

As a UQ centre, CCSG adheres to UQ policies and procedures designed to ensure the integrity of research. CCSG has also funded a project on research integrity and governance in a contentious policy arena which has informed the development of the Centre's research management process. 

Research connections

Outside of CCSG's research program, a wide range of research groups and institutions are conducting research into Australia's gas industry. CCSG plays a role in supporting and reviewing this research. The centre's key initiative in this arena is the Onshore Gas Research Directory, which collates publicly available information about current, recent and proposed research into Australia's gas industry, including its social, economic and environmental outcomes.